We understand that everyone is time poor these days and usually puts their own health on hold - too busy, too tired or just wishful thinking it will settle soon.

Read this guide and let us show you how to get back to moving better and feeling better. Discover heaps of Physios' advice and education before you even make an appointment. 

Our goal is to empower people with our knowledge and experience and then by all means see us if you need more help. This will get you started !
  1. The most common causes of back pain and stiffness we see
  2. Why you get pain and the contributing factors
  3. Simple steps for prevention
  4. The sleeping positions to avoid and help
  5. How to set up your work station
  6. Sitting and standing correctly
  7. Tips on mobile devices
  8. Gardening safely
  9. The best simple exercises you can start now to activate your core
If you've been wondering about....
Designed to get you started on the right track to manage your back
At the Hindmarsh and Fitzroy Physiotherapy Clinics we are passionate about providing advice and education to our patients and the wider community. 

Located 5 minutes from Adelaide CBD at 281 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, we offer dedicated Physiotherapy treatment by Physiotherapists experienced, caring and committed to the management of your musculoskeletal problems.
Hindmarsh and Fitzroy Physiotherapy Clinics
Our complementary pdf series also included