Get experienced Physios advice and exercises 
to manage neck pain without leaving your desk.
Our new e-book on managing neck  pain is now available.
We understand that everyone is time poor these days and usually puts their own health on hold - never enough time to see someone about that annoying niggle or pain in their neck after work, sport, sleeping or just life.

Get your guide today and follow the advice inside to start making progress right away.

We are passionate about education and prevention and are keen to help people as much as possible. This E- book has a huge amount of advice and tips to prevent and help many of the everyday problems people have with their necks, a done-for-you guide delivered straight to your inbox!
Our complementary pdf series is included
At the Hindmarsh Physiotherapy we are passionate about providing advice and education to our patients and the wider community. 

Located 5 minutes from Adelaide CBD at Hindmarsh we offer dedicated Physiotherapy treatment by Physiotherapists experienced and committed to the management of your musculoskeletal problems
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